My website moved from the second page to #3 in Google by using some of the tactics in your manual. Thanks for the valid info!



Just wanted to say...I skimmed through the e-book and I was blown away. I have ordered other e-books on SEO and it was the same stuff I already new (or was out of date). You e-book is simple to follow, up to date and the information is excellent! Great job!


Hi Paul,
The SEO FOR GOOGLE book is clear and simple to follow even for SEO novices.

I reformatted my site using Paul’s techniques and within a week my site rose from PR0 to PR4, with one of my keywords now appearing on Google’s first page. The book was easy to follow and delivered fantastic results from The Mighty Google.

As a website designer I look forward to implementing your techniques on all of my client’s sites and will now offer this as an extra service.

Big Thanks!

Jonathan Celeste
web design | web hosting
Newcastle - UK

Hello Paul,
We purchased your outstanding product just yesterday and want to write to let you know that we feel great about our decision to buy. We are in the process of implementing the codes and can’t wait to see the result. Of course it’s an ongoing task, but you have given us the run for the money.

We have spent 3 times the amount we spent on your product for each of the ones we’ve tried in the past. Your product is packed with real codes that makes sense.

Kelly West

Paul -
A few weeks ago i bought your ebook - I just want to say: thank you! thank you very much for your great ebook.

Thanks to the info in your ebook I was able to put back my sites in first place in the SERPS in Google for my chosen keywords, for how long are my sites going to stay in the top? I can't tell, but, I am back on track. My traffic is growing everyday.

I live in Mexico City, I am 42 years old and at my age is hard to get a regular job in Mexico (they don't hire rookies) but thanks to my sites I am able to pay for my 2 children college tuition and support my family, so thank you one more time, I am sending you a huge hug.

Warmest Regards
Guillermo Ayala and Georgina Gonzalez de Ayala
Mexico City

Thank you so much Paul,

So nice to find an HONEST Seo guru!

Thank you!

Esther Kane

Hi Paul,

I have to thank you for writing your book. I implemented some of your techniques, and I saw instant (well as close to instant as is possible) results from the big G. I recently reformatted my site and I wanted Google to recognize the changes. By doing a few of the things you mention in your e-book, Google hit me in less than 24 hours! The funny thing is, I didn't so some of the more obvious things yet, but after testing the waters, I soon will. The book was an easy read, and explained things perfectly.

Now that I am at least recognized in Google, I look forward to implementing your techniques for getting relevant search traffic. Your book not only tells me how to go about optimizing my pages, but shows me which words I should be focusing on to get the search results I want.

If you have plans for a future book, I certainly want to know. You've helped me so much, and it's only been a day! Thanks once again.

James Hoy
The CMS Portal

I purchased SEO for Google after being conned by a company promising top 10 ranking for all my key word phrases and delivering nothing but plagiarized "shadow" domains which according to Google could get your site removed entirely from Google's index.

After perusing some the SEO forums and reading some of Paul's posts and recommendations, I decided to purchase SEO for Google. I immediately implemented some of Paul's recommendations.

To my excitement, our site started appearing on the search engines and our Google page ranking went from 0 to 1. After experiencing first hand the benefits from Paul's in-depth knowledge on SEO, I had no hesitancy in hiring him to perform more comprehensive SEO services for our site.

Since retaining Paul as an SEO consultant our Google page ranking has risen from a 1 to a 4 and our site, www.mommysfavorites.com, now appears within the first 10 positions on search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL for our key word phrases.

Paul's knowledge and services have been and continues to be invaluable to our small business.

Amy Morosini
Mommy's Favorites, LLC

Hello Paul,

I was a little skeptical when I purchased your e-book "SEO for Google". We have all seen websites with high claims for results you can get if you purchase their product. Well I can tell you from the results I have seen over the past 30 days you are under priced for the information in your e-book.

It has been 30 days since we reposted our site implementing the suggestions listed in your book.

Prior to doing so I saved a record of robot and traffic reports for reference.

Since that first crawl we have been crawled by google 24 times. Google has already indexed several of our pages as well as given our home page a PR of 3.

In addition to this our site has also been crawled and indexed by several other search engines (without being submitted) including, MSN, AskJeeves, Aesop, ExactSeek and other smaller engines.

The 30 days prior to implementing your suggestions we had 53 unique visits to our site. The past 30 days I have seen a steady increase on a daily basis and to date we have had 376 unique visits for the month of July and still have 7 days to go..

Consider me a very satisfied customer.
Thank you very much for providing this invaluable information.

Jody Hale
Eagle Systems, Inc.

"As a web designer my job seems to always be in a state of change. There's always something new to learn. As the Internet becomes an increasingly vital marketing tool for businesses, the first thing my customers now demand is high ranking in search engines - especially Google.

Optimizing for search engines has rapidly become the most important part of my work. The web is full of information on SEO - much of it is false or misinformation. Paul Bliss' e-book 'SEO FOR GOOGLE', in a few to-the-point pages that didn't waste my time by waffling, puts together the salient points for good ranking in the world's most important search engine. From simple, logically ordered tips for obtaining and organizing keywords and links to some of those notorious tricks of the SEO trade this book was just what I was looking for.

In a nutshell SEO FOR GOOGLE put down clearly and simply on paper all the information I needed for me to offer a my clients a vastly improved service - and add Search Engine Optimization to the list of services I offer."

Paul Bilton
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