Technical Help
Recommended Browsers and Settings
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
SEOforGoogle is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher & Netscape Navigator 4.0 and higher. However, we have made sure users of IE 3.0 and higher and Netscape 3.0 and higher can also access and utilize the SEOforGoogle site.
JavaScript Enabled
SEOforGoogle uses JavaScript to assist our users.
Display Images Enabled
SEOforGoogle has attempted to minimize the use of graphics in order to speed up your navigating.
Browser Security
SEOforGoogle handles your information securely. We limit personnel access to our servers and expect our personnel to adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity in performing their jobs and conducting the business and affairs of SEOforGoogle
Known Browser Incompatibilities
Internet Explorer 4.0+
When you submit your email address, a security alert may display indicating that pages you are about to view are not secure. The alert also says that others could use information you send on the Web.
A Microsoft Corporation Article, reference number Q179592, asserts that when viewing certain secure Web sites using IE browser version 4.0 or 4.01, the Secure Lock indicator may not be displayed on the Internet Explorer status bar. In this article, last reviewed January 20, 1998, Microsoft Corporation maintains, "Although the Secure Lock indicator no longer appears on the status bar, the connection is still secure." For additional information, please refer to the following Microsoft Internet address:
Web TV
WebTV is designed to work with specialized Internet browsers. Although these browsers are intended to be compatible with most standard Internet protocols, it is possible that specific versions of JavaScript may not be recognized.
America Online
If you are having trouble navigating the SEOforGoogle web site, you may have an outdated browser, or version of AOL. You may either upgrade your version of AOL, or, after you connect to the Internet through AOL, you may open up either Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, and use these to navigate the SEOforGoogle web site.
Error Messages
SEOforGoogle web site is responding or returning information slowly
    There are a number of reasons for slow response time on the Internet in general, and on SEOforGoogle's web site in particular. Certain times of the day, Internet usage becomes very heavy, which slows down everybody. The problem could also be with your computer. Below are several suggestions to speed up your surfing:
    • Access the SEOforGoogle web site during the morning, or later in the evening, when Internet traffic tends to be lighter.
    • Clear the cache of your browser. The option to clear your cache usually resides in the Internet Options or Preferences tab of your pull down menu.
    • Close other applications that you are using in order to free up memory for your browser to use.
The server does not have a DNS entry
    There could be several reasons for this error:
    • The address you entered contains an error - either yours or your source's. Double check the address you entered. Make sure that you capitalized the letters that should be capitalized and spelled everything correctly.
    • SEOforGoogle's web site and/or server you are trying to access is busy. If this is the case, try accessing the site again. Many times you can get through on the second try even if it is immediately after the first try.
    • SEOforGoogle's web site and/or server you were trying to open is down. Try again in a little while.

      If you continue to experience DNS errors, please contact your Internet Access Provider to request that they update their locally cached DNS files. This will allow you to access our Web site once again.

Error 404 - File Not Found
    Error 404, the file not found error, means that our server was unable to find the file or program corresponding to the document you asked for.

    The file not found error can happen for several reasons:

    • A typo - if the URL was specified incorrectly, then our server will be looking for a file of the wrong name.
    • A missing file - it's possible that the file has been removed, renamed, or is otherwise temporarily or permanently unavailable.
We are sorry, but your session has timed out or we are experiencing technical difficulties.
    Either you have been idle for 60 minutes or the SEOforGoogle Web server has been reset. You can continue to your last successfully completed transaction by following the link on the page.
File contains no data
    When you get this error, it means that you've accessed the SEOforGoogle web site, but the file you requested is empty. There's a possibility that our site administrator is updating the site, in which case you can try to access the document again later.
Host unavailable
    This error usually occurs when the host server is down. You can try to access the site again by clicking the Reload button.
Network connection was refused by the server or too many connections - try again later
    These errors usually indicate that our server is too busy to handle more traffic. You can try the site again by clicking the Reload button, or wait until a later time.
Please send all technical inquiries to: