SEO Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is SEO?
- SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, this is the act of making the website a search engine friendly and easily crawlable by the spiders. The end result is that your site is easily defined fro the search engine spider to determine your site's relevancy in regards to it's content.

2.) Can I do this myself?
- As with everything in life, yes, it can be done on your own. But if you were getting your house built, would you do it on your own? Or would you use someone who has built hundreds of homes in the past?

3.) What type of impact will this have in my rankings?
- If properly done, and effectively maintained, your site should eventually reach the the top of the rankings for your keywords. Depending on what your site's unique proposition is, will determine what the success story will be.

4.) How long until I see results?
- If your site is already well established, results should be expected within 30-60 days. If it is a new site, results should begin to appear within 120 days.

5.) How soon until the search engines pick up the newly optimized site?
- Depending on your marketing strategy, your site can be picked up anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days. All this means is that the search engines have found your site - there are many other factors that dtermine where your site will rank.

6.) Does the way the site is coded determine the cost?
- Sometimes. If the site has bad navigational structures, sloppy coding or a dis-organized file structure, it should be expected that your site will need more attention in order to become properly optimized.

7.) What happens during the optimization process?
- There are many action items that take place during this process. File naming conventions, site copy and page title reviews are just scratching the surface. It is during this time that site will receive many subtle changes.

8.) Why does it take so long to complete the proceess?
- Proper optimization takes place on a page by page basis. So, depending on how large the site in question is, will determine the length of time needed to complete the task.

9.) How much should I expect to pay?
- This price is normally determined by the scope of effort needed to get the site optimized. Some determining factors are if the site is static, dynamic or if they have the ability to be edited by end-users.

10.) Any flags to watch out for?
- Any company that "guarentees" a #1 ranking in any search engine, or claims to have an "exclusive" relationship with any of the major search engines.