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Volume 1, Edition 9

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

Arm yourself with knowledge!

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Vary Your Links!

Let's explain this a bit more, shall we?

Typically, you want a link pointing to your site with the "clickable" text being one of your keyphrases.

If your site sells widgets, you may want to not only get links to your site that say "widgets", but since you also sell widgets of various colors, you'd want to rank for those as well, right?

So, in your link campaign, you should find out how many links you need coming to your site to get ranked for your keywords (that entire process is detailed in my SEO for Google ebook, by the way), and follow through.

It does take time, but isn't a top ranking in Google worth it? YOU BETCHA!

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Knocked out a few more tidbits of information. Enjoy.

Here are the latest entries:

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Localized Search (GEO Targeting)

Look for the search engines to try to provide results to you based in the IP of your internet provider. Also, if you use any personalization features of the search engines, your results will be skewed to meet your search patterns.

Is this a good thing? On some levels, I think it is, but on others, I think it's a terrible security risk. Just my .02...

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Filter Words - Words such as is, am, were, was, the, for, do, ETC, that search engines deem irrelevant for indexing purposes. Also known as Stop Words.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Check out these links:

Database of Web Robots

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Not sure if you remember (or if you care), but my blog that was hosted at blogspot.com was taken over by someone else, so I lost 8 months worth of posts....

...but, thanks to the coldfusion development wizards at www.itsclever.com, they essentially re-created an entire blog system for the site, and now I can blog and ping from my own site. Check it out when you have a chance: SEO Blog

Rick Batchelor