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Volume 1, Edition 6

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

Arm yourself with knowledge!

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Have you heard about this? Talk about a great way to use your cell phone...

If you have a cell phone that takes pictures, you can now create a blog instantly! All you do is snap your picture, send an email to: go@blogger.com with your picture attached, and within a few minutes you'll receive a message to visit a website Blogger creates for you.

Once you've validated your image, it is instantly uploaded to the blog. Now, you don't even need Internet Access to post information!

From that point forward, anytime you send an image to that email address, it uses the subject line and body text of your email message to post as the content for the default message. You can modify that code as well.

One person took a trip to Europe and posted all of his pictures with a camera phone just so that he could post without having to connect to the 'Net.

MoBlog Information

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Articles are coming along at about 2 per month now - It seems like it's about that often that I feel the need to explain some of my 02¢...

Here are the latest entries:

Collateral Benefits of Search Engine Markting

How to Create a Google Site Map


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Google wants your sitemap!

Google wants you to have a sitemap in XML format - which confirms another seo technique - getting large e-commerce sites indexed by producing a url feed from the db - and Google likes it!

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Finally! After the "Bourbon" update, my site is #1 on Google for my first keyword "seo for google", and while it's not very competitve, it does validate my efforts and lets me know that what I ramble on about here and on the blog and forum is true...

WAIT! Just did a check today, and the site's already been bumped by a SPAM site! Cripes!

If anyone doesn't have a gmail account yet, drop me a line and I'll send you an invite. I am not sure if they are public yet, but I only have 600 invites left, so if you need one, reply quickly!

Rick Batchelor