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Volume 1, Edition 36

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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Social Power Accounts

Even with the recent update to digg's algorithm, power users still have a major impact on influencing who "clicks", "votes", "diggs", etc on the social sites. The time it takes to become a power account user on these sites are well worth it once you've committed to making your handle worth mentioning.

The seo benefits come in from the traffic, brand awareness and links to the site from making to front pages of the social sites - are you building your accounts?

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Only 1 new article this month:

Attending Search Conferences

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Google's statement on Microsoft's bid for Yahoo

Well now Google doesn't want MSN stomping on their turf...

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black...

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Invisible Web - Web Pages that are not reachable by search engines.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Recipe Finder
Hide an Image in HTML
Google CodeSearch
Internet Map

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Well, as I mentioned last month, the big news is that I will no longer be directly involved with this site. I spent 3 years building it up to something that I was extremely proud of, and I am able to walk away knowing that I provided value to the gargantuan space known as the web, and of the many emails I've recieved from those I helped get thier sites ranked are still my favorite. So, at this point in time I turn over the reigns to Rick Batchelor who will be running the ship from this point forward.

Rick Batchelor