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Volume 1, Edition 34

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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Keywords in your URL

I know this seems like an old topic, but "those in the know" have been taking advantage of having keywords as their domain name for quite a while. This site's domain name was purposely selected because of this. What amazes me to this day is that many keyword-rich domains are still available.

I've been able to acquire great seo-themed keyword domains for just the $6.95 registration fee. The type-in traffic isn't great, but now I can decide if I want to re-direct them to my site, sell banner ads, develop the site, or just hold onto it until some seo firm wants it and buys that domain name from me at a premium. And this applies to all industries - so secure those keyword rich domains now! (Google loves 'em!)

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Only 1 new article this month:

What is your Google Penalty Plan?

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Google Removes RSS Feeds From Search Results

Here's a A great description is here at SearchEngineLand

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Googlewashing - When your content is copied and inserted into someone else's site without permission or credit.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Check out these links:

Keyword Spy
How To Create Your Own Wikipedia Page

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2008 is here and I'm sure there are resolutions aplenty, but always keep in mind that as long as you treat others with respect and kindness, things kind of have a way of working out for you.

Rick Batchelor