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Volume 1, Edition 33

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Forget Google

Ok, more of a rant than an actual tip, but with soo many people focused on google, I think people lose perspective sometimes. I know tha Google drives a lot of traffic to your site, but what if Google vanished tomorrow? How would people find and come to your site? The point is, always be looking for alternative ways to get traffic to your site whether it's from forums, videos or blog postings - that way the big G won't dominate your marketing action plan.

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Only 1 new article this month:

What are YOU worth?

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Google Now Officially Punishes Links sold to pass PageRank

Here's a link to their new policy

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Landing Page - Usually used in conjunction with a PPC campaign, they are call-to-action pages that prompt the user to engage the site.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Well the christmas season is fast approaching and if you're only thinking about optimizing your site now you're too late! But here's to greater successes in 2008 and that the so-called "recession" is not too bad...

Rick Batchelor