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Volume 1, Edition 32

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Google Experimental

You can temporarily add experimental features to your Google searches: for example, see your search results on a timeline, navigate using keyboard shortcuts, change how your result snippets appear each time you do a search on Google, and a few other features.
Give it a try:
Google Experimental

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Only 1 new article this month:

One Word Rankings

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Google Phone

Easily one of the worst kept secrets was the announcement of the Google Phone. While some say it will be an iPhone slayer, I think the interesting part of all this is to see how Google will monetize this. If they get their own cellular network, I imagine that they'll give away the "GPhone"? for free - as long as you don;t mind the advertising plastered on every page...

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IP Spoofing - A method of reporting an IP address other than your own when connecting to the internet.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Have some interesting developments related to the site happening, as more unfolds and I can talk about it, I'll pass it along!

Rick Batchelor