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Volume 1, Edition 3

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

If you haven't already ordered my eBook, SEO for Google, Why not?!

Just kidding! But it contains all the methods I use to help my 60+ clients to top positions not only in Google, but on all the Search engines.


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PageRank Update?

Just another cruel Google April 1st joke?

...or did the "Google Gulp" take up all of their time?

I have been anxiously waiting for their next PR update, since my site currently sits as a PR of 0. Just in case you're wondering, I fully expect to get a PR of 5 when Big G finally updates.

Why would I predict a 5? It's very simple. While I have been spending time getting listed in directories and getting links pointing to my site, I also landed a "Big" link.

The "Big" link is a text link on the home page of a site that has a PR of 6. So, according to Google's PR theory, it **SHOULD** pass along that PR to my site, and go down only 1 level.

If you want to know what site it is, shoot me an email and I'll tell ya!

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I went back to writing more articles as they are more fun to write than the blog.

Here are the latest entries:

Blogs Versus Articles

Sales Without Search Engines


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Google has revealed some very interesting information about how it "thinks" - while this may be the norm for financial reporting, it is also very intuitive in to how Google works:

Google SEC Filing

Sorry about all the links in this issue!

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Check out these sites:


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Another Newsletter in the archives. Speaking of which, I am going to start indexing all of these for future reference. As soon as I get that done, I'll pass along the url for your review!

Rick Batchelor