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Volume 1, Edition 27

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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Google Trends

In a great post from ShoeMoney, he mentions the Google Trends tool from Google that lets you quickly find the correct keywords you should be targeting in regards to your campaign. Read his post as well, since he knows his stuff!

And did I mention that Google Trends is FREE?!
Google Trends

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2 Articles this month:

Kobayashi Maru SEO
Ant Colony Optimization

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Google is buying Feedburner

Why do you care? Feedburner is perhaps the easiest way to make your RSS feed user friendly, but more importantly, it provides stats such as subscribers and clickthroughs. The pro version provides more, but the point is, it's just yet another way that Google will be able to track what people are doing on the web, and most importantly, how they use it.

Techcrunch Article

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Blogola - The emerging practice of giving free stuff (from tote bags to travel junkets) to bloggers, in return for a sympathetic review.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Check out these links:

Yahoo News Submission
Tropical SEO
Meta Tag Generator

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Only a few days until the SES in Toronto trip. Besides getting some insight from Seth Godin, I plan on making a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame (even though the Stanley Cup won't be there), and some other various venues located there. I'll share what I found on the blog when I get back...

Rick Batchelor