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Volume 1, Edition 25

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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Google Website Optimizer

Google has a free tool called the Google Website Optimizer which can help you determine what triggers results on your landing pages. The tool reviews the action taken by the traffic that comes to your site. There is no limit to the number of combinations to try with the landing pages, all of them can have custom call to actions, headlines, etc. The best part is that after some data is collected, this tool will create charts that show which sections performed the best.

And did I mention that it was FREE?! Google Website Optimizer

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3 New Articles:

Google Base Optimization
Mindshare Awareness
Coin-Op SEO

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Google Website Optimizer Again

No, it's not a typo, even though I do make those from time to time, but I can't stress enough how important it is to use this service, if not only to learn more about the way your site performs. So many people think all you need to do is build the lemonade stand and it will sell itself. But if your lemonade is sour, it's only going to appeal to people who like that flavor, and once the others have tasted your sour lemonade, how would you respond?

Point is, if you are spending all that money in your site, why not take advantage of a company's free service that will help you with your conversions?

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Invisible Web - Web Pages that are not reachable by search engines.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Buzz Monitor

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