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Volume 1, Edition 23

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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Don't Panic!

Google had a PageRank and back links update earlier in January and for about 2 weeks, the serps (Search Engine Results Page) where all over the place. Many in the SEM community knew better to just sit tight and wait for the results to stabilize before analyzing what new weighting factors Google was looking at. Some clients had knee-jerk reactions and were quite disturbed by a sudden drop in traffic due to a keyword that no longer ranked as high as it once did. But after allowing Google to right the ship, the rankings returned and all was well. The point to all of this is to never place all your eggs in one basket, so if and when Google dumps you, your reliance on them won't have too much of an impact.

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2 articles this month:

SEO for Digg
The DMOZ Factor

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Google Zeitgeist 2006

These days, all the major search engines send out a year-end list: what were the most popular search queries of the year? Scads of magazines, TV shows, newspapers, and blogs pick up on this theme also, either by picking their own or reporting on what the big sites and search engines say. It''s a real staple of year-end coverage to revisit the biggest celebrity names, trends and oddities that characterize the year just ending.

Rather than tell you the most-frequently-searched words -- many of which are constants throughout the year -- let's contrast which search terms grew significantly this year over last year. As a result, the main lists enumerate queries about social networking sites (MySpace, Bebo), significant world news (Hezbollah, North Korea, Darfur), scandals (Duke lacrosse, page), and lots more.

What's does all of this mean?

It gets interesting to look over periods longer than a single year, and that's what Google Trends aims to do. (It's also fun to compare the top lists for years past and ask, where are they now?) However much significance you give to year-end lists, December is an excellent time to look back. Check it Out

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BAP (Blog and Ping) - A method (ab)used to get the search engines to quickly index your blog's content.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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No, you didn't miss any newsletters, I just wasn't able to send any out for the past 2 months. The main reason was welcoming baby #4 into the brood so that a lot of time adjusting to the "new" normal. Also, with the holidays and my site's hosting issues, it's been hectic. But now things should run smoother and hopefully this year will be even more eventful than 2006!

Rick Batchelor