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Volume 1, Edition 20

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Fee-Based Directory Submission

Take advantage of fee-based directory submissions - yes they cost money, but they also provide relevant and "anchor-text" links to your site.

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Two new articles this month:

Long Tail Optimization

Internet Marketing Seo

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Danny Sullivan leaving the SES Conference Circuit

This is big news in the SEO world. I've already summed up my thoughts in my blog, so I'll just re-post them here:

Today it was announced that Danny Sullivan will leave his duties as the moderator of the SES conferences that Incisive Media runs.

It is truly a sad day for the SEO world.

While I have no doubts that he will be very successful at whatever he decides to do next, it was great having such a polished speaker who could easily transform any situation into a meaningful conversation.

This post can't possibly do enough justice, except that Danny Sullivan blazed a trail that will be just about impossible to replace with anyone else. He was the face and voice of the SEO world. While there are many talented replacements to take his place, I doubt we'll see the likes of his style again.

So, Thanks again Danny, and I hope to bump into you again in your next career...

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Content Repurposing - A nicer way to say scraping a site for content.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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San Jose was awesome - it was cool to meet some industry leaders, hang out at the Googleplex (with all the money they make from us, it's nice to see some of that getting spent on those who make them wealthy!) - And the Search Bash was a big hit (free drinks, wOOt!). I also learned a lot there too, much of it will be assimilated into the next updated copy of the ebook. If you ever get a chance to attend any of the SES conferences, I would highly recommend it.

Rick Batchelor