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Volume 1, Edition 2

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

If you haven't already ordered my eBook, SEO for Google, Why not?!

Just kidding! But it contains all of the same methods I use to help my 60+ clients to top positions not only in Google, but on all the Search engines.

I've decided to launch this newsletter on the first Friday of every month. I am very interested in wondering if you, the reader think this is too long in between newsletters. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this, whether it's good, bad or ugly.


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As one of the many techniques used in seo, getting directory links is one of the most effective methods. Conversely, it is also one of the most time consuming as well. Many times a client has a hard time in seeing the value of getting these listings.

Their concern is that since it is such a time intensive task, are the results worth it?

As I heard someone famous once say: "Oh my, Yes!"

There are many ways for your site to be found on the internet by users. Newsletters, search engines, press releases, blogs, pay per click inclusions on search engines, tv ads, you get the point. When a search engine finds a link, it makes a check to see if it had ever dound a reference to that link before. If it does, it will associate a value to it. If not, it will put it in it's lists of pages to crawl at a later time.

As the bot mindlessly churns through the billions of pages found on the net, it begins to see patterns. As it notices your site being linked to from a credible news source, and then a credible newsletter, and then a relevant directory, it starts to associate a higher value for your site.

While there are many factors in determing your rank, a directory listing makes it easier for the search engine. It your link is buried somewhere on prweb, it has a hard time determing what your site is about. When it finds your site in a directory listing, it has already been categorized for it by the directory owner.

So, always get as many directory listings as you can, as it not only helps the search engine bots determine what your site is about, but it will also add to your web saturation.

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Instead of working on articles, I started a blog to test the quickness of escaping the "Sandbox"

I'll be tracking to see how long it takes, and as soon as I know, I'll pass it along,

Check it out:

SEO Blog

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Google dropped the Allegra update which seemed to penalize redundant anchor linking. For example "SEO" used to give seo-guy.com a #1 ranking in Google. Today, he is somewhere around 160. Another seo site that took a hit was "seobook" which also used to have the #1 ranking for that keyword. Some people thought it was an over-optimization penalty, but evidence points to sites that only use one keyword phrase getting pushed down the pile

So what does that mean to you?

You need to diversify the links pointing your site, and you'll be fine!

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Check out these sites:


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Done with another newsletter, didn't realize how much work it takes to get these things done! I now have much appreciation for those sites that can pump out these things on such a regular basis.

Rick Batchelor