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Volume 1, Edition 16

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Why Google is extending RSS

Being cheap this month as I've just found too many good links not to share. Be sure to read the link below!

Also, go to this site to generate the XML file: Why Google is extending RSS

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That's right, nothing got written as I was training, recovering and trying to get caught up on everything. There will be new ones next month...

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The Google data APIs ("GData" for short) provide a simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web. GData combines common XML-based syndication formats (Atom and RSS) with a feed-publishing system based on the Atom publishing protocol, plus some extensions for handling queries.


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Converting Search Phrase - A phrase that converts traffic into money.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Check out these links:

Search Engine Journal

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Well, no Toronto trip as I was hit hard by kidney stones and had to be hospitalized - crikey! But now, everything's fine and I'll just have to make up for everything in August for the San Jose SES Conference...

Rick Batchelor