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Volume 1, Edition 11

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

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This is a very difficult task for some webmasters to keep up on an on-going basis. So how can you continue to add content to your site?

It's very easy.

Let your users do it.

Look at the success of MySpace.com - they get 125,000 new registrations PER DAY. What makes MySpace so unique? They are an enabler.

You can build your own page, and create your own space on the MySpace without having to pay for it. Obviously, not all sites are built to do this, but allowing the users of your site to engage in creating a community, you have a self building content network that you do not have to dedicate resources to.

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More direct articles this month -

Here are the latest entries:

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Local Search

How many times have you performed local search?

Whether you are ready for it or not, it is here. The "big boys" keep this hidden since they aren't good at it yet, but it will create an entirely new industry: Local SEO

There's so much to cover that I am going to create a series of articles to cover this next "big thing" on the Internet.

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Web Saturation - How many pages of your site are indexed by the search engines collectively.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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I hope everyone had a great turkey day, and I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate in December is a great one.

Next newsletter: it'll be 2006! Already?!

Rick Batchelor