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Volume 1, Edition 10

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Protect Your Articles!

There are many places to post your articles, and they are a fantastic way of getting exposure for your site while establishing your site as an authority on your site's topic.

However -

Always make sure you post your article on your site first, and then you must make sure Google indexes your page before you start submitting your site to all of the article sites.


Duplicate content. Google will recognize your site as having the original source of the information, and so when you post your article on other sites, they will rank below you since your site was the first to have the content.

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Just a few thoughts about the future -

Here are the latest entries:

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Google Update: Jagger

Many people were devestated by the latest Google update - further proof of the reliance on Google. A few trends have been determined:

Links! sites with thousands of links are now appearing at the top (Amazon, eBay, etc). 301 and 302 re-directed sites have been either eliminated or updated to have only one listing. Directories were cleaned up again, as sites whose sole purpose was gaming Google AdSense continue to be removed.

How did your site do? Still near the top?

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Conversion Rate - The number of visitors to a website that end up performing a specific action that leads to a conversion. This could be a product purchase, newsletter sign up or anything where information is submitted.

For more terms, check out the SEO Glossary

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Check out these links:

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Send Google an email about your site

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Luckily, only 1 client with 1 keyphrase was impacted from the "jagger" update from Google.

I think this just goes to show that no matter how well Google treats your site, you should never rely on one source to bring your business: you should always diversify your efforts, so that if one source of traffic is eliminated, it shouldn't impact your bottom line.

Rick Batchelor