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Volume 1, Edition 1

Welcome to the SEO for Google Newsletter.

If you haven't already ordered my eBook, SEO for Google, Why not?!

Just kidding! But it is chocked full of the same methods I use to help my 60+ clients to top positions not only in Google, but on all the Search engines.

I've decided to launch this newsletter on the first Friday of every month. I am very interested in wondering if you, the reader think this is too long in between newsletters. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this, whether it's good, bad or ugly.


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There has been much debate about the use of a sitemap. Personally, I don't prefer them, but they work wonders for the search engines. Let's take a moment to see why this is.

When you create a sitemap, you essentially are making a page that contains all the important links on your site. By making sure the search engine spider crawls your sitemap, you will get all of your pages inedexed, which is critical since all pages are ranked individually.

Another useful way to implement a sitemap is to place it on your error handling page. This way, if your user types in a non-existent url, or a search engine spider gets hung up or lost, both the user and a search engine should be able to find the links they were looking for.

There is also debate on where a sitemap should be placed on your site. The most common placement is to have the sitemap link at the bottom of your pages, whether that means just your home page, or all your pages. Either way, you need to make sure your sitemap gets indexed to ensure the spidering of all the pages of your site.

The next issue is usually how to determine if your site needs a sitemap. The general thought on this is that if you have any 2nd level links (more than 1 click to get to the page), you need a sitemap. If you have an ecommerce site, or a site that sells services, you should have a sitemap linking to each product and service. You should never assume the search engine spider is going to find those pages on it's own, you need to make sure that you have each one listed on your sitemap.

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Quite busy this month, and got 4 articles completed. I think on average though, the normal amount will be one article every other week.

Just in case your missed them, they are:

How to get your site a top ranking in Google
Why Search Engines Fail
Why You Need Outbound Links
How to Write a Better Web Page Title


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Google seems to have reverted back to a previous version of it's index, and it's causing a bit of a stir in the SEO world. This is nothing unusual for Google to do right before a major update.

There is much speculation that Google is about to drop another "Florida" on us...

Google has updated it's Backlinks, so check to see how many sites have gained them!

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If you haven't joined already, I highly recommend these forums:


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This ends the first official newsletter from SEO for Google. Please let me know what you thought - and please be critical - I want to make this newsletter very informative and something to look forward to for all my readers.

Rick Batchelor