What does this Guide cover?

Step-by-step instructions how to research your keywords with examples.

How to choose keywords that will bring you massive traffic and sales.

Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be just a waste of time.

Building and Optimizing your website for Google the most effective way.

Meta Tags - Yes, they are still important.

I'll give you the exact same code I use to optimize so that Google will love it and you will prosper in the search engines.

The best way to make your website relevant to search engines is to think like them, I'll show you how.

What techniques to implement in order to gain high rankings in Google.

A checklist with 8 items critical to the success of your website.

I'll not only give you the exact code that I use, but also explain why it works ,and why it will continue to work.

The 2 Meta Tags absolutely critical to controlling Google.

Learn the best way to get critical In-Bound links to your site - without reciprocal linking.

How to guarantee that Google crawls your entire site - from one page.

How to keep Google from indexing sensitive information on your site.

Insert a simple piece of code onto your pages that will give you an edge over your competition.

I'll give you the exact same code I use to optimize your site so that Google will love it.

Access to the same resources that I use to gain high rankings.

Learn how to get your site into the Open Directory Project (and potentially listed in 312 other directories from this one!)

Learn how to use "Spiderbait" - i.e. get Google to come to your site and index your pages within 4 days!

PageRank - It's affect on your rankings and how to build your site's PageRank

Reciprocal Linking - Why it works and how to make it work for your site.

And there is more...